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Konkurs na logo projektu

1. French Guiana 1 - 13 points



2. and 3. Italy 1 and Finland 2 - 11 points



4. and 5. Poland 1 and Poland 2 - 6 points



6. The Netherlands 2 - 4 points






7. and 8. - Italy 2 and French Guiana 2 - 3 points




9. The Netherlands 1 - 2 points


10. Finland 1 - 1 point







This means our project logo will be the logo designed by the French Guiana team, which got the biggest number of points. Congratulations!

Our Polish team would also like to congratulate the Italian team on the design below:









The logo was not entered for the competition by the Italians and that is why we couldn't vote for it. However, we think it conveys all the ideas our project logo should convey - it says that the population ageing is a global problem and also that we as a group of six schools from six countries are working on it together in an Erasmus+ project. Therefore, this is the design we would like to distinguish.

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